AkelPad 4.9.8


AkelPad is a small, expandable text editor written for the Windows family of operating systems. It can also be run under Wine, an application which allows users to run Windows applications on Unix-like systems such as Linux. AkelPad’s author states that the program can “replace standard Notepad” and has many features which NotePad lacks.

Although AkelPad is written as a text editor, its use of available plugins provides considerably more power than NotePad. AkelPad displays text using a specially designed control, AkelEdit, a replacement for Windows’ Rich Edit control, which gives AkelPad additional control over text display and behavior.


  • SDI (single document interface) or tabbed MDI (multiple document interface) modes, PMDI (pseudo multi-window interface)
  • Drag-and-drop (inside documents, between MDI and PMDI documents)
  • Split window – 1, 2 or 4 different portions of a document can be visible simultaneously
  • handling of Dos/Windows, Mac or Unix end of line markers
  • text selection by
    • horizontal (i.e. by lines)
    • vertical (i.e. by columns)
  • Extensibility – additional functionality through numerous plugins
  • works with large files (limited by computer memory)
  • full support of Unicode strings on Unicode systems (Windows NT or higher)
  • supports any codepage installed in the user’s system
  • ability to re-code text in a different codepage
  • preview of file before opening
  • print preview
  • color printing
  • ability to run as a portable application (e.g. from USB Flash drive)
  • optionally set read-only editing mode to prevent accidental document alteration
  • optionally remember caret position and/or codepage
  • user can set up color themes for document display
  • detailed and searchable User Manual and Plugins Manual (user contributed) available, in CHM format
  • text search in all open MDI documents (among other methods), if desired

The program’s architecture is structured to allow external plugins (DLLs) for extension of AkelPad’s capabilities. At present, 31 plugins are implemented and available on AkelPad’s homepage.



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