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Open Menu+ is an open source and free alternative to the Windows® Start Menu. A Vista / Mac Spotlight style quick search let’s you use Vista Start Menu and Mac Spotlight features on XP, which allows you to quickly find the application or file you need.

It can appear next to the Start Menu to help you get familiarized with it before completely switching over. For Tablet PC users, Open Menu+ can open with a mouse-over, without having to click on the Start Button. Softpedia guarantees that Open Menu+ is 100% free of spyware and adware! Best of all, it’s completely free!

Open Menu+ Portable is an open source portable application launcher. It has all the features and functionality of Open Menu+, with the addition of being a portable apps launcher. You can use a Windows Vista / Mac Spotlight style quick search to find the application or file you’re looking for, even on your flash drive! You can use it to launch any portable applications you have on your flash drive.



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