Portable App Creator 0.99 beta


That’s Portable App Creator: It which monitors an installation in order to make a PortableApp.

It should be used on a clean host-PC, with no traces of the application you’d wish to make portable. Just start monitoring and install the application to your PortableApps drive. Portable App Creator should work with any device.

A PortableApp created with Portable App Creator will (temporarily) copy the necessary files in %systemroot%system32, %userprofile%, %allusersprofile%, %commonprogramfiles% as well as the necessary information in the registry to the host-computer. All original settings of the host-computer will be backed-up prior to running the PortableApp and are being restored after the PortableApp closes.

The first version was written in one day using AutoIt3 and RegShot. A lot of work has been done since, to make it useful for all people having a PortableApps drive.

Developing of Portable App Creator takes place using a (Virtual Box’ed) 32-bit, English version of Windows XP Professional SP3 (updated with all packages available at Microsoft Update). The package was developed to work on all 32-bit versions of Windows since 2000. The scripts have been written, tested and compiled using AutoIt, RegShot 1.8.2 and UPX 3.07. Other versions of AutoIt, Regshot and/or UPX may work too…



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