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JauntePE (a.k.a. JPE) in short, is a openware application virtualization suite that attempts to convert conventional applications into portable applications. The suite tries to simplify the portable application making process so normal users can use it without having any prior knowledge of programming or scripting languages.

The JauntePE library uses application virtualization technology to achieve the application portability, without requiring application source code changes. The JauntePE runtime library provides a set of functions for simulating a virtual file system and a virtual registry for the application.

The virtual environment presented to the application is a merged view of the underlying physical and virtual resources, thereby allowing the virtualization layer to fool the application into thinking that it is running as if it were fully installed. This is accomplished through a simple technique known as redirection. When an application makes a file system and registry related request, the JauntePE runtime intercepts the request, takes a look at it to see if it needs to be modified, modifies it as necessary, and then passes the request onto the system to complete the processing. Part of the modification of the request may be the changing of a path rooted in a special folder to an equivalent portable path rooted elsewhere or other persistent storage without the application’s knowledge.

Tutorial by pcmastero.blogspot.com

Open JauntePE.
Select Basic Package Type, from the drop down menu in New.
The use of different packages determines how the portable apps will launch and what all data is stored portably. You can see the image below what all data is stored portably using the Basic Package Type via the Isolation section.
Now time to input the application for which we want to create portable app. Here I`m taking the example of PDF Xchange Viewer, using Add drop down menu, select App, then move onto Install.
Now grab the .exe or .zip file as an input to the JauntePE. Here I`m using .exe(Executable) file and finally click on Open.
Now you will see “PDF Xchange Viewer portable install” in the launcher list as shown in the image below. Double Click the portable install entry to start the installation process(portably).
Once the installation is finished, the only step is left out is to create the launcher for this portably installed app which helps in running the application portably using the Flash Drives. How to do it? Select Add>>Install>>Launcher>>In-Package App. Use the image below for the reference.
A list of all the executable files will appear, contained in the portable file system. Double click the PDF Xchange Viewer App to create the launcher.
Save the above done work using File>>Save the portable app to any folder. This folder consists of application launcher executable along with a JPE sub-folder containing the portable runtime, registry, and file system. Here`s the snapshot for the same.
Now carry them into your Flash drives or USB thumb drives to use them portably, anywhere, anytime.

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