Turbo Studio 17.7.987.23 + Portable


Turbo StudioTurbo Studio is a software product aimed at application virtualization for Windows operating systems. Virtualization made by making them into separate executable files that do not require installation.

Some information
Product development began in 2006 by Code Systems company, based in Seattle, Washington. The name of the product was Xenocode Virtual Application Studio. By the way, according to Google Trends service, during this period, it was the peak of popularity of the query: «portable applications». At that time Xenocode was the main competitor of Thinstall, and if the last one took the popularity thanks to simplicity, then this tool took it’s through functionality. Even today, Turbo Studio is the most functional tool for creating portable applications by virtualization, and the client base of the company already consists of thousands of organizations and millions of end users. Since the beginning of development, the product has been exposed to a rebranding strategy twice, since 2009 it has been presented as Spoon Virtual Application Studio, and since 2015 (if I’m not mistaken) it was renamed to Turbo Studio.

Converting a standard application into a portable application is done by packing all the necessary components into one executable file. Virtual app can be copied to other Windows systems, run without any installation, without having administrative rights on the system, even if the application requires it originally. Packaged programs “think” that they are installed in the most usual way and are not performed in a virtual environment. At the same time, with the virtualization of program components (files, directories, registry keys), Turbo Studio supports the virtualization of software platforms, such as .NET Framework or Java. Thus, virtualized applications created with these platforms can be run on systems without installing third-party components. The distribution of the packed apps by this tool can be in several ways: stand-alone executable file (exe), install (msi) or run directly through the browser (plug-in Spoon). Both 32-bit and 64-bit applications are supported.



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