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Smart PackerSmart Packer is a tool that allows you to convert a standard application into a portable application, by packing all the files in one executable. As the most competitors, this tool is uses virtualization.

Some information
This tool was created and supported by developers from the Netherlands. The official website states that they are located near Haarlem. The Smart Packer development team provides an opportunity to provide effective and safe solutions for both individual developers and for various companies, and no matter that are small business or corporations.


  • Packaging of all needed files for the application work into a single executable file;
  • Applying encryption algorithms to protect the application;
  • Reduces space occupied by application in the system. This is obtained by applying a variety of compression methods;
  • Removes need for the application to run with administrator rights on the system;
  • Auto-save projects in the development process;
  • Support for command line parameters;
  • Ability to use your own add-ons;
  • Virtualized apps have support for an individual icon and information about their versions;
  • Automatic downloading updates support to packed files;
  • Ability to use a screensaver before running a virtual application;
  • Auto-save mode settings;
  • Use the list of files to store information about the newly-created;
  • Choice of storage location by developers;
  • Password protected can be used for packaged apps;
  • Support level of compatibility;
  • Absence of temporary files in the system;
  • Smart Packer Pro X supports 64-bit applications.



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