BoxedApp Packer 2018.10


BoxedApp Packer is a developer utility for converting your regular full-fledged applications to single self-sustaining executable files that don’t require the installation in order to be run.

That literally means that you can squeeze all ActiveX controls, dynamic libraries, and just all kinds of files that your original application depends on into a single executable file and run it just as if that was a regular application installed the regular way.

Packed in a single binary, your applications become ultra-mobile and can be run instantly from a removable disk or from a network location. Installation-free applications would carry their original functionality and be capable of utilizing the full power of your PC. At the same time, they wouldn’t require any special privileges or affect shared computer resources, such as disk space or registry, as all embedded objects would be extracted directly into memory and utilize virtual space and registry instead of the physical ones.

Even further the functionality of your single-executable applications could be expanded by adding plugins to them. Plugins take advantage of a special API – BoxedApp SDK API, which allows creating virtual files “on the fly”, working with the virtual registry, and a lot more. For instance, your application, when it starts, could load necessary DLL over network or through the Internet and then use them as if they were physically available on your hard drive. BoxedApp Packer is the way to making your software light, mobile and truly flexible.

32-bit and x64 are supported.



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6 Responses to BoxedApp Packer 2018.10

  1. Tourea 13.07.2018 at 07:24 #

    Je suis français et je souhaite en savoir un peux plus sur votre solution “BoxedApp Packer ”
    Je recherche sur votre application une solution visuelle ou bien une vidéo qui nous explique le fonctionnement de base sur votre application.
    Je vous remercie d’avance.

    • Dummy 16.07.2018 at 09:28 #

      Bonjour, Tourea.
      Today the site is in a difficult situation.
      I want to add manuals for all creators, both text and video. But it’s not now.
      I recommend you to use InstallAware Virtualization. This is BoxedApp Packer. But it contains PackageAware Setup Capture, it’s a step-by-step wizard. You can easily use it to add everything you need to the project.

  2. tourea 20.07.2018 at 06:27 #

    Je vous remercie pour le soutien que vous m’apportez pour cette application auquel vous avez apporté votre savoir-faire en matière de programmation.
    Je suis français et je veux en savoir plus sur vos solutions et votre activité.
    Je souhaite aussi avoir un échange de dialogue en prive avec vous si vous me le permettez pour plusieurs besoins voici. mon Email ci-joint
    de contacte

    Je vous remercie d’avance.

    • Dummy 20.07.2018 at 11:53 #

      Bonjour, Tourea.
      You can register on our site and wright me message you want.
      P. S. I found tutorial for BoxedApp Packer. And… thanks for thanks )

  3. tourea 21.07.2018 at 23:14 #

    Je me suis inscrit sur votre site, je ne trouve pas comment vous Écrire un message prive.
    Prouvez-vous me donner le tarif pour une licence d’utilisation.” InstallAware Virtualization ”
    Merci d’avance

    • Dummy 22.07.2018 at 09:21 #

      Bonjour, Tourea.
      Klick to my Nickname and you can write me private message. Our site have social network elements.
      P. S. What kind of donate do you mean?

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