OpenShot Video Editor Portable 2.4.2


OpenShot Video Editor PortableOpenShot Video Editor Portable is an open source (GPLv3) entry-level nonlinear video editing system. The program is written in Python using the PyGTK module and is based on the MLT framework, created by the leader of the famous Kino non-linear system and used by the KDEnlive editor. With the use of the FFmpeg project libraries, OpenShot supports a large variety of video, audio and image formats (including full SVG support).

The editor features a user-friendly and intuitive user interface that allows you to edit videos even for beginners. The program supports dozens of visual effects, provides the ability to work with multi-track mounting scales with the ability to move the elements between them, allows scaling, cropping, merging video blocks, ensuring smooth flow from one roller to another, producing overlays of translucent areas, etc. OpenShot has the ability to re-encode video with preview changes on the fly.

OpenShot Video Editor Portable Features

  • Support for many video, audio, and image formats
  • Powerful animation capabilities based on key frames
  • Workstation integration (drag and drop support)
  • Unlimited number of tracks or layers
  • Resize, zoom, crop, sticky, rotate, and cut video
  • View real-time video transitions
  • Layout, image overlay, watermark
  • Title templates, title creation, subtitles
  • Titles (and effects) with spatial animation
  • Timeline with many features (including drag and drop, swipe, pan, zoom and stick)
  • Frame precision (you can step by step to any video frame)
  • Time bindings and change the speed of the clips (slow-fast, fast-forward, etc.)
  • Mix and edit audio
  • Digital video effects, such as changing the brightness, gamma, shade, image conversion to black and white, chromakey (blue or green background), etc.!

OpenShot Video Editor Portable provides extensive editing and layout features, and has been developed as a practical tool for working with high-definition video including HDV and AVCHD.

If you have Blender 2.56 or higher, you can also add an animation. Launcher

Founded changes in Total Uninstall program.

Settings INI file for Launcher.

; Specify the program to be launched by the Launcher here, relative to the App directory of the portable application.
ProgramExecutable="OpenShot Video Editor\launch.exe"
; For changing drive letters.
; Time to show splash screen.
; Run the application after the splash screen.
; These are directories for which to manage portability. They come in the form [directory]=[target location].
; The directory is the location of the source directory, relative to the portable data directory (AppNamePortableData).
; he target location includes the directory you want it to go to, so %PAL:DataDir%[directory]*.* gets copied to [target location]*.*. Environment variable substitions ( apply.
; f the target directory already exists at the start of the process, it will be backed up (to target location-BackupByAppID) and restored at the end.
; If you do not wish to save the data but only want to keep a local version safe and throw away any changes, set the source directory to "-".

The text after the semicolon is seen as a comment and does not affect the application work.



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